How much price premium would you pay for Z6 II over Z6?

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Re: How much price premium would you pay for Z6 II over Z6?

ericbowles wrote:

The second processor with significantly improved AF performance, faster write speeds, larger buffer, full support for CFExpress cards, and the dual card slots is worth closer to $500 for me. The camera is a significant upgrade, and it's a platform that is two full years newer. The newer platform is the one that will get the firmware updates and AF system improvements for the next couple of years.

If you are not willing to pay for the Z6ii, the Z5 is probably a better option than a Z6. The big differences in the Z5 are mainly related to action photography - something where card speed and AF for action are important. The Z5 lags behind there - but if that does not matter you might as well save the money.

If budget is tight, the lowest prices tend to be January-March - the final quarter of Nikon's fiscal year. I would not expect discounts on the Z6ii body, but you may see some lens and camera bundles or refurb deals that are very good. I expect to see the Z6 at $1399-1499 if they are not sold out earlier.

Thanks for your suggestions Eric! I would definitely pay attention to the spring discounts you mentioned in another reply. I do strongly prefer the Z6 over the Z5 though, as the former has a newer BSI sensor.

I think with current firmware the Z6 II only have incremental improvements in AF/Tracking compared with the Z6 (Nikon's own PR language also says so, see here). I get that the Z6 won't get any firmware updates except for minor bug fixes and all the software improvements will go to the Z6 II, making the latter much more future-proof. Nevertheless, being a Software Developer and someone who dabbed in computer vision/computational photography, my main concern is that the Z6 II's second processor might not provide much room for improvements even with future software updates.

My understanding is that a lot of the camera functions are baked in the hardware so if a feature is not supported on a single Expeed, adding another one won't help. For example if Sony and Cannon use hardware accelerated neural networks for better eye detection but Nikon's Expeed doesn't have such accelerators, adding another one won't help. Further, not all the tasks can be parallelized across two chips. While two processors might do better in terms of continuous/video FPS as these tasks are easy to distribute across two chips, tasks such as AF/AE/Tracking may not benefit as much from two processors as you cannot split these workloads by frame. These factors might help to explain why there is only incremental improvements in terms of AF/tracking on Z6 II with current firmware.

That being said, these are all my speculations so definitely treat them with caution. As a long time Nikon DSLR shooter, I really hope they can prove me wrong and bring excellent new features to Z6 II with future firmware updates.

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