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Re: Nikon + Samsung?

J C Strange wrote:

So I had this crazy idea and I thought I would share it.

First, some background. As many of you probably know Nikon is struggling for various reasons. News recently broke that Samsung is set to overtake Sony in sensor production.

Not so fast - they're not set to do anything. They're ramping up and hoping to overtake Sony, but that remains to be seen and will take quite some time and may never materialize. Sony has a huge and disproportionate share.

But second, the first rule of internet photo websites is to take PetaPixel articles for less than a grain of salt. They are famous for jumping to conclusions that aren't there. This is mostly about smartphones BTW.

Also, many photographers are currently frustrated that high-tech phones can often take better images than their cameras due to their smart use of "AI" and computer processing, things camera manufactures have yet to implement in any real way. Roll all that together and you have the basis for my idea.

What if Samsung bought Nikon?

To heck with that. I want them to go back to making the cameras they were making when they were set to be the best APS-C camera out there.

Nikon could continue to operate mostly as usual making the cameras we know and love but now backed by a large company with plenty of money for R&D. Working with their new parent company, they could eventually switch from Sony sensors to Samsung and begin to try and incorporate some of the tech that makes the cameras on Samsung's phones so good.

The tech that makes cameras on Samsung phones isn't quite applicable for larger formats.

Now, obviously, Samsung has already passed on the camera market, but perhaps they would be more successful with an already established company. Nikon would bring the name, factories, awesome lenses, and know-how, as well as making sure the cameras look, feel, and operate as we have come to expect from them. Samsung would bring the money, the sensor and chip technology, and the ability to bring the market into the future.

What do you think?

I think I want Nikon to succeed. How that happens is another question. Is there nationalist sentiment that would get in the way? I think perhaps.

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