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Re: Entry lever interchangeable lens cameras

Canon 100d or 200d.

Similar camera in many ways to the d3300 etc but more APSC specific lenses that have excellent IQ and are affordable too

The wonderful ef-s 10-18mm, efs 24mm f2.8 stm pancake, the 35mm f2.8 macro, 40mm Ff f2.8 pancake etc.

I find due to Canon's highlight tone priority they blow highlights less than Nikon cameras and the colours are 2nd to none. I found AF to be more reliable than Nikon if not as good for sports tracking, the 100d ain't good over ISO 3200 but up to that has wonderful output and the 200d is as good a sensor as my X-t2 IMHO and fine at ISO 6400 and both have amazing auto wb and smashing JPEG as well as RAW files.

100d is fixed screen 200d is fully articulated touchscreen

I had a d5300 which is a better action camera but if you're not doing fast tracking, I prefer the Canons due to WB, colour and lens selection.

If you want entry level for tracking the d5300 is barely bettered in the essentials than a newer incremental update and can be had used at a great price also. Sensor as good as 200d sensor. Just poor selection of dedicated APSC lenses so you have to go zoom, third party or huge expensive FF lenses.

The Canon ef-s lenses are a credit to the company

If he chooses either brand and wants a really good midrange zoom lens instead of primes the Sigma 17-50mm ex DC OS HSM f2.8 is a stellar lens and at mint condition used prices is a steal.  Lightning fast Af and near prime quality IQ and reviews better optically than the Nikon 17-55 f2.8.  I owned it and would comfortably call it a bag of primes (except at 17mm)


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