High key lighting outdoor portrait tips

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Richard Hopkins
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Re: High key lighting outdoor portrait tips

I agree that outdoor portraiture has become more popular, but I'd say it was with flash rather than all-natural light. The trick of course, is to make it look like no flash was used.

The example photos are the work of a skilled professional https://gilmorestudios.com/galleries/families/ and some additional lighting has definitely been used. Look at the last one of the couple, clearly strongly back-lit by the sun but lots of soft light filling-in from the front. Judging from the catch-lights in the eyes, I'd say that was a large softbox with flash.

Bright out-of-focus background, light toned clothes and soft fill-in flash carefully balanced with the ambient light. The rest of 'the look' is mostly post-processing - reduced contrast, muted saturation, added brightness and in some examples on the Gilmore Studios website, a bit more of the same applied to the background as well. Nice work 😎

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