Disqualified Challenge Entry

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David Omara Forum Member • Posts: 68
Re: Disqualified Challenge Entry

Bill Thoo wrote:

As I said, I'm not defending all this hosts behaviours and actions. But in this specific case the entry was clearly appropriate to DQ, and a complaint about it in open forum deserves to be apologised for. I have no issue in calling out bad behaviour, and particularly when so well evidenced. This particular thread isn't a great example of it.

Yes, though you and others were treating the OP as if he had come in here purely disputing his disqualification, when his very first line was "How can I find out why an image ... was disqualified". After it was pointed out to him why, his very next post was "...my mistake..."

Though the real takeaway is that It was purely down to the sub standard hosting of the challenge that he had to ask 'Why?' here in the first place.

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