Photoshop 5.0 software for the D850

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Re: Photoshop 5.0 software for the D850

My friend used Affinity Photo; he's a casual photographer (kids / vacations). He bought the software a few years back, around this time of the year, for something like $25. Normally, it's maybe $50. Does constant updates (free). He's been able to edit his Nikon Z6-II RAW files soon after he got his camera at the beginning of November.

That software is something you may want to look into.


dave gaines wrote:

hypercore360 wrote:

Simple answer is, no.

The Nikon D850 requires LR 6.13 / CC 2015.13 or later

Hope that helps.


Thanks for the bottom line.

I have LR 5.0 I believe. I mostly use PS 5.0. I'll check the versions.

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