35mm native AF-prime lens options - which lens is your 1st choice?

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phouphou Regular Member • Posts: 298
35mm native AF-prime lens options - which lens is your 1st choice?

Luckily the 35mm drought has ended for Sony FE.

So if you could choose only one, which 35mm lens would be your 1st choice?

I think that there's not one lens that can do it all, fit all needs and budgets, obiously... So while the Sigma Art 1.2/35 is the best lens optically at this focal length (probably even over all FF systems), a lens like the 2.8/35 Samyang could still be the right lens for many.

Right now i pick the FE 1.8/35, but maybe it he 2/35 Sigma DG DN proofs to be similarly good or has even better bokeh i will get that one.

PS: for me personally 35 is a casual walkaround lens where i cannot skip on AF, so great options like the Voigltänder Nokton 1.2/35 or Loxia 2/35 did not qualify for my poll.

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Sigma Art 1.2/35
9.8% 8  votes
Sony ZA 1.4/35
3.7% 3  votes
Samyang 1.4/35
1.2% 1  vote
Sigma Art 1.4/35
4.9% 4  votes
Sony FE 1.8/35
35.4% 29  votes
Samyang 1.8/35
11.0% 9  votes
Sigma DG DN 2/35
14.6% 12  votes
Sony ZA 2.8/35
12.2% 10  votes
Samyang 2.8/35
4.9% 4  votes
Tamron 2.8/35
2.4% 2  votes
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