Oly E-M10 Mk II rear screen remains blank

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Re: Oly E-M10 Mk II rear screen remains blank

excitron wrote:

I guess you didn't read the part about me pulling the rubber off and cleaning the entire area. It's not the proximity sensor.

The fact that the rear screen works OK when I turn that off and then ONLY show me the Super Control Panel when it's on, and not showing me anything at all if it times out, seems to indicate a software glitch, one that i also experienced in my previous E-M10 Mk II, although much less severe.

There are two controls that affect how the EVF and the LCD behave.

On my E-M10 Mark II, the button on the right side of the EVF toggles the scene display and the Super Control Panel on the LCD with the EVF Auto Switch set to 'On'.

I had to take this shot about four times until I had managed to brush most of the dust off.

I have to scroll through pages and pages of custom menu to (Custom) 'J. Built-In EVF', then toggle right on the 4-way controller to see the setting.

Then I toggle right once more to actually change the setting  (up and down)

When the EVF auto switch is Off, the physical EVF button only switches the scene display between EVF and LCD.

Can you reproduce this behavior on your E-M10 Mark II?


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