Effect of speck in lens?

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Re: Effect of speck in lens?

grandeson10 wrote:

Hey all, been a long time but picked up a compact (Zs100) and want to fiddle around again. So I started with a like new Amazon warehouse deal but it came with what seems like a speck within the lens. Will this have any affect at all on the end result? I am most concerned of it moving to a position where it might make things worse. Camera came with 43 shutter count. And it looks like its in real good shape

Would love to hear your thoughts. And thank you.

If you need to shoot into the mouth of a dark cave and want to photograph what's inside of it, and the sun is shining directly on the lens, the flare will be a little worse than if the speck wasn't there.  If you shoot OOF points of light and turn them into out-of-focus big disks, and then sharpen the heck out of them, you might see slightly darker spots corresponding to the speck in the bokeh disks.  Or, you might not even see that.

I'd take a sharp lens with 20 specs that size and that far from the center of the lens than a perfectly clean cheap lens design.  I'd just be careful about out-of-frame light hitting the front of the lens, which is good policy, even with a lens without an obvious or known speck.  If the lens doesn't take a hood, you can use a free hand as a makeshift hood; just make sure that it doesn't show in the frame.

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