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Re: Use Adobe DNG converter, free, for D850,D500 ...NEF

dave gaines wrote:

Bernard Delley wrote:

The DNG converter converts to a dng containing identical raw values. I always use lossless compressed 14 bit raw. The DNG file contains some additional, irrelevant ?, exif data. The only loss on DNG is a reduced size, built in thumbnail image. The original raw file has a full size basic quality jpg file built in as as thumb. The can be extracted using dcraw -e. The OOC thumb jpg is often good enough to be used, sometimes with minor PS tweaks. For more extensive editing with CS6, I start from DNG with PS camera raw. For the D850 and D500, I keep the NEF files archived, the dng can be produced when needed.

I've heard about the DNG file format. I heard it creates a lot of large files, maybe double the number, that fills up your remote HD.

DNG files from NEF are a little smaller than NEF, because of the smaller built in thumb image. If you keep both, it doubles HD requirements. I do not keep the DNG.

I don't know what dcraw - e is. I don't save jpg files of my shots. I always use the RAW files for processing and then save them as a jpg for most uses. Yes, save the RAW files and don't change them.

Adobe Camera RAW changes the built in thumb file of the NEF: very convenient for later viewing, if it was too dark or too bright. I still consider the jpg modifed NEF as the original NEF, as the raw data remain unchanged. The jpg changes can be undone or modified in ACR later. The jpg mods go to PS. I only keep successful PS processed jpg for the archive.

google dcraw for details. I also use dcraw for deep image analysis from the untainted original RAW data. Some results of this can be found in my dpreview 'photographic science and technology' forum threads and posts.

dcraw or its follow up libraw underlie most (all ?) of the non proprietary RAW converters !

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