Best Sony camera for adapted lenses?

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Re: Best Sony camera for adapted lenses?

The a7r2 has ibis.

High mega pixel do not reduce your image quality when using vintage lenses, my experience is the opposite.

Remember that the image created by the lens doesn't really change when used on a camera with higher resolution but your ability to get more useful data effectively increases. I have the a7r2 and a7r4 and find both cameras effectively have the same ability to get the best from a lens. I don't think there is any more optical advantage to be had with vintage lenses beyond the a7r4 and in practice i tend to use the a7r2 simply because it's a smaller body and i prefer the smaller files because they are faster on my computer and easier to store.

The a7r4 has a better viewfinder with higher resolution which makes focusing easier but I'm not sure that its other features make it a better camera with manual focus vintage lenses. The a7r4 is a better AF body than the a7r2 and this might matter if you intend using older AF lenses eg Canon.

By the way, i only have 2 sony lenses, and use both bodies virtually exclusively with vintage or adapted lenses.

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