High key lighting outdoor portrait tips

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Re: High key lighting outdoor portrait tips

Agreed and what you talk about is typical portrait photography, which I think is along the lines of what I do ... but I seem to see this type of portrait photography being very desirable and fashionable for the past few years.

I think you are right about no flash and that is what somewhat perplexes me.

Again I feel the trend the past few years is all natural light and no flash or strobe ... photog's running with the most basic and simple gear ... just a camera and a lens ... but getting results like these on heavily backlit subjects (again the trend) and having proper exposure on the subject I can only assume it is post processing and most likely the increasing potential of more dynamic range and lightening the shadows and taking down the highlights ... reducing contrast but still producing a sharp and popping image.

Personally I love this type of image mainly because it is very flatting to any type of skin tone I feel without any retouching needed (my guess) and secondly if there is no strobe as you suggest; it leads to a very simple, light and easy setup .... just a camera and a lens....and here I am lugging around a giant strobe and lightbox on a windy day lol.

So if there is no external lighting, I would only assume that this is post processing technique.

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