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Re: PEN F for OMD-EM10 IV ?

>> "One thing the Fuji taught me was to not be a RAW only snob."

Raw-only-shooters aren't snobs, they just understand that raw files offer so many more options to access all the data a file has.

I shoot Fuji (XT10) and Olympus (PEN-F, EM10 MKIV), and while all their JPGs are excellent, the in-camera processors don't come close to accessing the full-potential of a raw file.

Yes, JPG has its place. An even better choice is shooting Large Superfine JPG + raw. Especially when shooting with the PEN-F and opening the ORF files in Olympus Workspace.

If the JPG produced by the camera is good, and it's all you need: great. Then go with it. Stop there.

However, to access the full exposure latitude of a PEN-F image, in-camera custom profiles or Art Filter effects are recognized when opened in Workspace, and then applied to the raw file in the develop module "Edit/Basic/Picture Mode."

You can even make your own custom profiles either in the camera or in Workspace. Here's a tutorial:

Or, if you want an Art Filter but didn't use the in-camera ones, just apply the identical ones as the camera in "Edit/Effect/Art Filter."

Then, if additional adjustments are needed (ie; clarity, dehaze, highlight/shadow, or selective noise reduction and sharpening), they can be done in Workspace, or you can save as a TIF to adjust further in another editor.

Of course you can do all this on a JPG, but it results in a far inferior final result, not just due to lack of access to the full dynamic range of the file, but you're saving an already compressed JPG a second time.

One other advantage to shooting raw: I've re-edited raw files years later and always get a better result than done initially. So I always recommend keeping them.

IMO, this isn't snobbish. It's just using the PEN-F to its full potential.

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