Best Sony camera for adapted lenses?

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fferreres Veteran Member • Posts: 6,145
Re: Best Sony camera for adapted lenses?

camera_nerd wrote:

I have a Sony A7 II that I use mostly with adapted lenses. The performance has been quite good. The IBIS works well except on my Konica AR 135 lens. That is just a little too long of a focal length. The Pentax 105 F2.8 Super Takumar works well with the IBIS.

I have been tempted to get the A7 R II now that is is only $1298, but I think I will wait another year and get the A7 R III when it has a big price reduction.

$1198 this week, continue resisting has Sony A7 II for $789 in Excellent condition. I have bought several cameras from them and have been very pleased.

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