Oly E-M10 Mk II rear screen remains blank

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Yar1971 Regular Member • Posts: 198
Re: Oly E-M10 Mk II rear screen remains blank

excitron wrote:

Thanks for your replies. Well, with the EVF proximity sensor disabled, the screen came back on. When I turned it back on, I had the same symptom again. I took the rubber eyepiece cushion off and cleaned the entire area, and even with the rubber off it still did the same thing.

Therefore I have to conclude it must me some software glitch. Perhaps updating the firmware may kick the process out, dunno. I hate to have to go through a million menus again to put the machine back in my preferences, but I don't know of any other option I may have.

I doubt it's software. The first thing You should really do is to clean carefully the damned eye proximity sensor on EVF. All what is seriously said in this thread (both by You & others) about symptomes indicates this very frequent problem. I had that too. Fortunately easy to solve. Only if this doesn't help, You should consider other options.



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