Please treat the hosts well.

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Re: Please treat the hosts well. (Good bye)

cjf2 wrote:

Well said Jahn.

Have you noticed that the latest threads on this forum that bashed By Standing.... has resulted in the three challenges he had in the various stages, disappearing?

Either DPReview have removed them because of the kerfuffle or By Standing... has finally had enough of the whining and taken our toys away as we were not worthy. Which, as a group, we weren't.

Dear cjf2,

I hope you see this message, because it will be my last one. I owe it to you and all the participants of Challenges to clarify that yes; my challenge series has ended. (I actually found out via your post). I always thought you guys in DPReview, as a group, are super worthy.

I think after years, and decades of hosting it's time to leave. Before I do, I hope the moderator allow me to clarify the account of what happened:

1) I post a challenge which opens this coming Sunday called Man@Work (you can see the screenshot on my gallery)

2) a member complained on 'Site and Feedback' of possible Transphobia and Gender Bias

3) to alleviate their concern, I posted 2 sample pics (also on my gallery), including one featuring a cross-dressing singer cheekily talking up a customer in an open air lamb BBQ/beer garden place in Beijing. I titled the entry "He Works Hard for His Money Too", noting that the singer "is indeed a man, with deep voice, an Adam's apple and biceps bigger than his customer's".

4) I would like to offer my apologies if this challenge makes the complainer feel panic or hate, because there is none such thought that crossed my mind. Like Cyndi Lauper said, "Don't swing your sword and shield against the night".

5) I would also like to offer my apologies to VinneB50 and Darrell Spreen for the confusion arising from their disqualifications.

6) To VinneB50, I should have written, "Dear VinneB50, the challenge called for the omission of human beings from your Snow Covered Landscape photo. Kindly resubmit another photo as your previous entry have a few in it". For not doing that, I'm sorry.

7) To Darrell Spreen, I would like to apologise to your wife for my insensitivity. My Disqualification message should have read "I honestly can't make out if your main subject is a man or a woman. Could you clarify? Would it be possible to resubmit a better one where his face is clearer? I'm also sorry to outright DQ your entry, as I can't send private messages".

8) To David1961, you're right that these challenges should be about fun. When people decide to enter woman pics and or even one of a bronze statue into the "Man's Silhouette" challenge I had to make an executive decision. If I had left them in, then people would not take my challenges seriously, wouldn't you agree?

9) To Ruth, wherever you are - Thank you. We started on the wrong foot, mainly over the pic size issue. And for that I'm sorry. Thank you for helping me out when I privately messaged you (years ago) asking for your help to look at a photo because I can't tell if it's a seed or a flower. Thank you for being big-hearted and sharing your wisdom with me; I'm grateful.

10) To the others, who always participated in my challenges (you know who you are) ...*Thank You*

11) To tasad - Thank you.

12) To DPR and the moderators - I came here cos I love photography. A big Thank you for being the place to learn, enjoy and express my creativity for so many years. No one's an angel and there have been times I was out of line.  For that I'm sorry.

Goodbye everybody and take care. I won't be coming back to post challenges or to the forum under this or any other username whatsoever.  Peace.

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