Which small all-weather holster case for the R5+RF 24-70?

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Re: Which small all-weather holster case for the R5+RF 24-70?

ProDude wrote:

xtam667 wrote:

I got the 75AWII from Lowepro today. Guess what. With a grip on a R5 it won't fit. Well if you want to really try to stuff it in, but I don't. So I've ordered a Think Tank Digital Holster 50 V2. It seems as though it would have a bit more generous room to get the body in. I happened to add the Kirk Arca Swiss bracket at the bottom of the grip. It's a sweet fit and curved fit is just right. But it adds another bit of space to the bottom. I sure hope this Think Tank works or I'm done. I would imagine the Lowepro on your non gripped body will accommodate your need. That bag you chose would not work with a grip.

That's right. With this bag the grip stays home.

I hear ya, but I decided when I ordered the grip it was going to be a permanent part of the camera. Indeed it turns it into a real pro animal. Yeah I get it the size can be an issue for some. But I feel the extra space to grab allows me to provide another element of steadiness too. It's certainly a boon with a RF14-70 f2.8L IS USM on the end as that lens is a beast. The RF100-500 on it's way to me will be even MORE so, so I need all the real estate to hang onto I can get. LOL. Besides, as I happen to have another battery and charger on it's way as well, it will allow me to march outside with careless abandon regarding the battery power.

I agree, the grip is really useful, even with the funny button layout. The threshold for me to put it on is a long outing with the 100-400 or larger lens. Below that I just enjoy the small size and light weight, coming from the 1DX.

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