X-T40 with IBIS?

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Re: X-T40 with IBIS?

Looks pretty good at 85mm - how well do you handheld at 85mm usually without the IBIS?

I've seen people who can produce sharp pictures at 180mm, 1/20s without IBIS, and people who cannot make it sharp at 40mm with IBIS, 1/30s, so it's important to know the amount of improvement to judge whether that IS is effective enough.

KneeConWon wrote:

wy2lam wrote:

KneeConWon wrote:

It should be noted that the Sony A7 II has IBIS and is smaller than the A7 III.

So the A7 III didn't grow in size from its previous model in order to add IBIS.

What was your experience like with IBIS on the II? From what I heard it's not nearly as effective as the one on the III, so while it might not have grown in size to "add" IBIS, it could have grown in size to make IBIS "more effective".

Sure, that's completely possible.

The A7 II is the only camera I've ever used with IBIS, so I can only compare its effectiveness to in-lens stabilization (in a variety of lenses on a variety of cameras).

In any case, I find the A7 II IBIS to be excellent. Below are two shots taken handheld with an 85mm lens on my A7 II at 1/15 second and 1/10 second shutter speed (respectively) using IBIS. I'd call that effective — what say you?

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