Sony A7 III, or Sony A6600 for first Sony (for action/sport)?

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Re: Sony A7 III, or Sony A6600 for first Sony (for action/sport)?

ohaya wrote:


Some have asked, which sports? I guess that I was being a little vague, because I've had some comments before (on other threads) that what I shoot is either not "sport" or "action"...

But, basically, I have mostly been shooting either surfing (from land, not from in the water) or aviation/planes.

I would LOVE to be able to do BIF, but not many birds around here (esp. now), plus the times that I did try, I felt that it is really hard!!

I have just never felt like I needed a picture of a flying bird that I could not find a hundred suitable examples of on the internet. (But that is just me!)

I know nothing about photographing surfing.  I know they move fast but do you use a very shallow depth of field where having the focus spot on is critical?  Or do you use a smaller aperture for a greater depth of field to get the wave and surroundings as part of the photo instead of isolating the subject against a blurred background?

Did anyone take pictures of surfers before Sony came out with their latest focus tracking system?   I can see how technology could make the process easier and result in more keepers but I don't believe it is a requirement to get good photos.  You may find that by relying less on technology that you will fine tune your own skills to a higher degree and be less reliant on the technology as a crutch?

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