Do I stay or do I go. Complete or Complement

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Re: Do I stay or do I go. Complete or Complement

You might find the lower light capability and dynamic range benefits of the bigger sensors underwhelming especially in certain types of photography.

Take landscape. At night even if I want to lift some shadow out of detail it's really easy to just shoot a bracket with my M43 and then do an HDR merge in Lr and get about the same result as one shot with my full frame, or sometimes even several shots with the latter, esp since at some point I WANT the shadows to be dark or it looks HDR-ugly. Or some Topaz denoise AI on the dark spots if I just want dark without noise. Of course if there were action and I had to raise ISO to get a faster shutter speed it might be different. But still, not that many stops.

But i do like to vary my bodies. I tend to use the wide lenses on the full frame, the longer ones on the M43. Or OVF for moving stuff, EVF for tricky light and where I need to preview. Or different bodies for astro vs macro, depending on capability.

But I'm also the type of  person who'd buy old cars and fix 'em up, so always had more than one in the driveway, since yadda yadda journey not destination sort of argument.

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