Initial impressions of the X-S10

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Initial impressions of the X-S10

So it's been a few days since I started to use the X-S10. I have a pretty good feeling for the controls so far. If you are coming from another Fuji system, like the X-Tx series, you will need to re-learn your muscle memory. An example is the magnification function that was accessed by the press in of the rear command dial. With the lack of this dial, the function was moved to the joystick press in. After a day or two, the controls started to become second nature pretty quickly.

For the Fn buttons, I assigned the playback button on the REC(don't shoot video that often), swapped the film sim dial with the ISO button(to get it close to my X-T3). I do miss the front Fn button that I used for the playback, but it is what it is. Left the other three on the back side as it is for now. Thinking now as to how I will assign the custom setting on the PSAM dial.

Here are some of the likes/dislikes so far:

- Light and compact
- Awesome grip, larger lenses feel lighter
- IBIS breathes new life into primes/vintage lenses:)
- There are some reports on lack of build quality, but I feel that it is the same, if not better than the X-T30. It is appropriate for how much this costs imo

- Command dials on right cannot be customized
- Really miss the MCS switch, my fingers still go to the area where this was on X-T3/30
- Battery life is a bit shorter than X-T3
- EVF is the same from X-T30, and a bit small

It is a matter of getting used to the camera. If you can get yourself to live with some of these shortcomings, you have a compact, lightweight, and very capable package. I feel that the cost-performance of the X-S10 is one of the best that Fujifilm has to offer.

Was worried about the space for my fingers, but no problem with the 16-80.

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