OM-D Pet peeve: switching shooting modes

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Re: OM-D Pet peeve: switching shooting modes

Denjw wrote:

anupamkatkar wrote:

Maybe I shouldn't call this a pet peeve because I do not know any other camera that does it either, but there's a small firmware improvement that I think would make an OM-D camera much more powerful.

As of now, you can program the mode switch around the AEL/AFL button to switch between AF modes and focus areas.

For example, you can program Mode 1 to shoot S-AF for a single tracking area, and Mode 2 to shoot C-AF for a 3x3 area. That makes it really easy to switch between, say, focusing on the eye of a perched bird in S-AF and photographing a bird in flight a moment later, at the flick of a switch.

But you cannot change the shooting mode! Say you're shooting single frames in Mode 1, then flick the switch to Mode 2, it will only shoot a single frame in Mode 2.

Or if you're using ProCap H in Mode 1, waiting for a perched bird to take off ... and see another bird in flight, you could switch to Mode 2 (C-AF), but that would be pointless because you need to switch to L or ProCap-L to get usable BIF shots. And to change that, you'll have to press the button on top left or use the SCP, and by that time you'll miss your shot.

Anyone else frustrated by this? Any workarounds?

The omission of Mysets from the E-M1.II, E-M1.III and the E-M1X is the my pet peeve too!

This is what I miss most from the E-M1 Mysets where you could set up different settings (including drive mode) and assign them to Function buttons. Then you could switch from a static situation to a moving one with a press of button.

The E-M1.II does not even have the option to assign a Custom Mode to a FN button so that was a big omission too!

For the E-M1.II what I have done is to use the Set Home function as a work around. Set up all your desired settings first, I use Manual Mode so I can set up desired shutter speed/aperture ISO and drive mode (Low silent sequential).

Then assign the Set Home function to a button, I use Fn1, then set home position as S-AF and Single Target. Then in the SCP change the Target to All Points and AF mode to C-AF. Now you can switch between both by pressing the Fn1 button.

I have this setup for each of my Custom Modes varying the Target points, AF modes and Drive modes to suit the purpose.

I think my E-M1ii does have MySets. Only 3 rather than 4 as the 10ii had, still, you can assign them to the Custom dial positions, including the modes and all.

Maybe I misunderstood...

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