Lighter Gear for BIF?

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Re: Lighter Gear for BIF- or: Birds on a budget

I checked out your gallery images -esp like the last shot with successful catch.

How do you like the Sigma 500/F4? I've been eye that for myself as the Sigma 150-600 S is too slow in low light.

I have too much Canon glass to switch now. But that Nikkor 500 and one of their 800's sound like a great combo.

Greyser wrote:

fairfaxian wrote:

Thanks for the previous suggestions. We're looking to move up the quality ladder a rung or two. Looks like my GF is more serious about BIF than I realized. And we have a new resident bald eagle in the hood.

So we're thinking Canon 90D, and one of the 100-400mm zooms from either Sigma or Tamron. We had looked at the Canon 70-300, which is faster than the 400's. But the subjects in this area are often very distant. I struggle to get close enough with my 400/7DII rig. Even my 600 often doesn't cut it. But the 90D does offer a lot more pixels.

As mentioned earlier, we're on a budget, and rig needs to be fairly light due to shoulder injury. Anyone here using a 90D with the one of the budget 400's listed above? Thanks.

If you are Ok with bigger rig, your choice is Nikon D500 and Nikkor 500/5.6PF. The price of the lens might seem stiff a bit, but it is only light and compact high quality 500mm prime available among all brands. And it is quite useful at 700mm with 1.4TC. I used to shoot 500/4 handheld, but find myself more and more leaning towards 500/5.6 PF recently. With twice lighter prime I can be ready to shoot BIF faster and hold the rig longer panning .

Here are a few BIF examples from yesterday. Nothing special, though.

Also Nikon Z MILC solutions might be an option too instead of D500. The interesting thing is that Nikon recently updated their Z lens road map with 400mm and 600mm options. And they might be PF design.

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