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I agree it seems like a viable business branch but it doesn't seem like they have the resources to pour into it at the moment. Although, they have laid much of the ground work in the Z series sensors, lenses, etc. They just need a new video body with higher spec electronics and cinema pro features.

Absolutely. People get upset with the Z6/Z6II video feature set but remember it’s a $2000 body. The C70 is over $6000 CAD. The a7sIII is $4500. Give Nikon a retail target of $6000 and I’m sure they’ll spec it in similar fashion. I don’t mind that at all. It’s fair. At least there would be an upgrade path to higher end. As it is now, higher end means a different brand.

Canon R6 does internal 10bit for $2500. No need for a $6000 camera for that feature. If Nikon thinks that they can isolate video features to a >$4000 camera, they will not get traction in video.

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