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Re: Entry lever interchangeable lens cameras

PhotoTeach2 wrote:

Being in Nikon land myself I suggested a d3x00

I never recommend D3xxx unless budget is "only" priority (and satisfied w/ only basic features).

My kid has the D3300, brand new with two lenses for $299. The feature list may be budget, but there's nothing wrong with the photos:


The biggest drawback is that it lacks dual wheels, which are critical for convenient use of manual mode. And there is no bracketing function. I'd guess few first-time photographers need to bother with either of these anyway.

The CIPA rating is excellent for a small battery, 700 shots. The camera and lenses are very lightweight and compact, great for travel and backpacking. The interchangeable lenses make it possible to custom-tailor a kit for each person's needs depending on their desired focal length, size and weight, lens quality, and of course price.

The ergonomics are a bit cramped for me, especially compared to the D7100 I'm accustomed to. And the lack of physical buttons (again, compared to the D7100) means that using the rear LCD info screen and some menu-diving are unavoidable even during the most casual shooting.

The lack of a proper Nikon accessory port puts me off the D3400 and D3500, although the image quality of these models is also excellent.


Frankly, I cannot tell the difference in image quality between any of the modern 24mp APS-C sensor cameras.  D3300, D3400, D3500, D5500, D5600, D7100, D7200...

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