Any recommendations for long-focus >200mm M42 lens?

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Re: Any recommendations for long-focus >200mm M42 lens?

xpatUSA wrote:

kohinoor wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

kohinoor wrote:

The Adapted Lens Talk forum is the place where to ask. Many M42 users there.

Thanks for the hint. I had never looked there before, seems interesting.

But you needn't restrict yourself to M42 just because you have that adapter. For 20 bucks you can get adapters for allmost any mount and those do the job just as well.

Obviously, but in the OP I did express the desire to keep that adapter.

Is it a Novoflex adapter? I'm asking because every now an then I'm tempted to get one. But they really are expensive for a 'dumb' adapter.

It's a K&F Concept:

Currently discounted at US $24.99.

One caveat: with my Zeiss 35mm Flektogon on the Lumix DC-G9 the flange to sensor distance is wrong - infinity focus is reached well before the lens stop. No idea why, haven't measured anything yet.

Same here with my Gobe adapter (looks identical to your's). I can focus well beyond infinity. Better this way than the other way round. Costs next to nothing on the closest focus side.

With focus magnification/peaking these things become less bothersome, eh?

Adapting old glass is good fun, yes!
I've given up on peaking tho. Depending on contrast in the scene it will sometimes be too strong and distracting and sometimes inexist (G9 here too). And for exact focus there's no way around magnification anyway.

Happy shooting adapted glass!

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