Is the A6600 a good upgrade?

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Re: Is the A6600 a good upgrade?

zackiedawg wrote:

newphotoman wrote:

I am using the A6300 and I tend to do a combination of action/portraits (running) and landscape photos. The new 6600 does have 3 items that I am eyeing

  • real time AF (not in a6300)
  • additional custom buttons
  • IBIS

It's nice to have as I don't have any of them on my A6300. It's just I don't know if those 3 additionally improvements are worth dropping 1K.

For those who jumped from a6300 (or older) to A6600 can you let me know if the IBIS and real time AF is a difference maker.

As Martin mentioned, those specific things you mentioned are some reasons I upgraded my A6300, but the bigger battery and bigger grip were also key reasons, along with generally better weather sealing.

The tracking AF functions do work - while the A6300 has been excellent at BIF shooting and action for me, I never bothered with the 'lock on AF' functions because they were slow and unreliable - I just stuck to AF-C and wide focus area and let the focus do its job from there. With the A6600, the real-time AF tracking actually works as advertised, and can keep up with quite fast subjects, staying locked on them very well - so I actually do use that mode now.

IBIS for me wasn't a must-have, but I like having it and use it, especially with a few of my unstabilized lenses like my Sigma 16mm F1.4 and Voigtlander 35mm Nokton. I wouldn't have paid more for IBIS or made the upgrade just for it, but having it thrown in was well worth it with the other upgrades I was getting.

The bigger battery was a very key draw for me - I had 3 batteries for the A6300 and rarely needed more than two in a shooting day except when really busy, but the one FZ battery now has the capacity to run for longer than 2 batteries did on the I have been out for BIF and wildlife sessions of up to 6 hours of near-continuous shooting with lots of 8fps burst shooting and run off thousands of frames on just one battery. I have a second battery just in case, but haven't needed it yet - I just rotate the two batteries alternating after one runs down, with one battery lasting at least for the week of shooting, sometimes two, then switching to the other battery until it runs down.

The bigger, nicer shaped grip was also a big draw for me, since I shoot a lot with large, heavy FE lenses. And the weather sealing definitely seems to have been stepped up a bit - the doors seem to have a little extra gasketing and fit tighter, the dials seem tighter and closer. I never had any issues with my A6300 in light rains or occasional water drops - though in heavy weather I always put on a rain sleeve to be safe. Last Friday I got caught in a full Noah's Flood rainfall that came on a day when the forecast said sunny, 10% chance of rain...instead the skies opened up at firehose intensity and it rained for a full 4-5 hours off and on. I had gone out without my trusty rain sleeve in my back pocket because the forecast seemed to say there was essentially no likelihood of rain...and despite trying to cover my camera and 200-600mm lens under my shirt, I had to walk/run about 1/2 mile in the open to get to shelter, and was as wet as I'd have been if I jumped in a pool. The camera and lens were quite soaked, actually dripping water off of both. No issues - kept shooting the rest of the way, about 1 mile back to my car where I dried the camera and lens off and grabbed my rain sleeve for the rest of the day. It's the wettest I've ever gotten any A6xxx series camera, and honestly I think that would have been too much for the A6000, and maybe pushed the A6300 too far too - the a6600 seemed to handle it just fine as did the big 200-600mm lens.

The additional custom buttons are definitely nice to have, along with the better customization options on those buttons, along with the My Menu option to store all regularly-used menu items right up front - together with all the custom buttons and the Fn menu, the My Menu covers anything else I'll ever need in the menu, rendering all the complaints about the very extensive and difficult to use menus on Sony cameras moot.

All of those factors played into my upgrade decision.

thank you, your experience, it is very useful. I do use lock on AF on the a6300 and at times i do find that it is a little slow but still usable. I never got wide focus area to work the way I wanted (or I've been doing it wrong all this time). I had a similar experience where I had the a6300 on vacation and got rained on (a sudden downpour that lasted for about 5 minutes). I was so worried that my camera would get wet and I was running trying to find a place to hide under.  You brought up a number of interesting points that I myself did not pay much attention to other than the IBIS, Real time AF and extra buttons. I will have to think about this some more.

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