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Re: Why is the MFT forum such a magnet for full-frame aficionados?

2 major issues with FF users:

1) They can't get over the fact they have to shoot 4:3 most of the time on M4/3

2) They can't compose anymore; The only photos I see shot with FF that are boasted about are ones with HDR and HDR only without considering what the image might look in post process; they are interested in the invisible to cover up what's not in the visible.

Cough, cough, Jason Lanier, cough, cough. (At least Eliot Porter and Cartier Bresson rubbed a few brain cells for snap shoots; they had bad but never terrible shots)

Most of the pictures that are took with M4/3 by just browsing the web are good to even incredible since most know what they are buying for; a package that just let them shoot unrestrainedly.

No gigantic 14-16 bit files (12 bit tonality can be boosted by software thankfully through micro contrast)

No gigantic lenses and tripods since IBIS on most modern M4/3 cams are incredible now even Panasonic isn't far behind; I even forgot about tripods with my old Olympus E-3 when I made a 3-5 HDR bracketed pic with IBIS by just holding my breath.

No need for deep pockets since most good M4/3 primes are already in the $250 range while compared to other brands that use plastic instead of glass.

No need for ultra high ISO since glass lenses transmit light better than plastic and achieving large F numbers is easy with the M4/3 mount.

And best of all, no cheapening on the build quality. Most M4/3 cams even mid-ranged have proper metal mounts with proper micro-lenses on sensors. Unlike some other brands with fragile mounts and horrid micro lenses until they started the next iteration of their worlds first interchangeable non-range finder mirror-less cameras.

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