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pcrc11 wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

pcrc11 wrote:

I will try that but I dont really believe the stickyness is a thread galling issue as much as it just the metal to metal surface tension that is occurring between the machined flat surfaces of the ring and the filter coming into contact as they are screwed together.

The nose wipe grease on the mating flat surfaces will also help. Usually though it seems to be just the thread issue when bottomed, so helping the threads helps most.

I've used nose wipe on lens mount surfaces for those occasional tight lenses and seems to help.

I've never had a problem with sticking once I learned the ancient nose grease trick.

I guess I have drier skin but I just dont see me having enough grease on my nose,,, at least on the outside :-),,, to coat all the way around the threads

All I need to do is to rub the tip of my finger against the side of the nose, in the fold at the bottom next to the cheek, then wipe that finger tip around the threads. Repeat a couple of times to get all there is to get off the nose and the threads well covered. There's never any visible grease, simply a smoother surface feel.

Might not work within an hour or two after having a shower, may take a couple of hours for skin grease to reappear.

That simple trick has always made a rough feeling and sticking thread go smoothly and not stick when bottomed against a second ring. It works for me.

If your nose isn't greasy enough then borrow someone else's nose.

Web pages suggest all sorts of answers, a common one is rub a soft graphite pencil around the threads and dust off as much as possible, but my nose is always within reach so it wins for me.

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