Samsung Note 20 Ultra-The elephant in the room

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Re: Samsung Note 20 Ultra-The elephant in the room

spirituscorpus wrote:

I still have an S7 Edge and I am itching to now upgrade to the best of the best but cannot decide what to get.
There are 3 options:

Samsung Note 20 Ultra

Iphone ProMax12

Huawei Pro P40
The Huawei I have to dismiss due to the Google issue.
I have done an obsessive amount of research on the Note 20 and hardly any of the Youtube reviewers mention that this phone cannot take a close up shot properly in focus.
Yes, I know with the huge sensor it has a narrow depth of field but some reviewers are suggesting a narrow depth of field is usually a "good thing" with cameras. I disagree. If I want bokeh then I want it in the background. The Note 20 Ultra blurs large parts of the foreground, sometimes the majority of the subject has blur and only a tiny part of the subject you are focusing on is clear and sharp.
This isn't even a charming quirk of the phone i.e. something that can be tolerated. Try taking a close up shot of a flower and the Note will give you about 40% of that flower in focus-the rest will be blurred.
I am trying to decide if this is something I could live with but I am not so sure. I don't think software upgrades can fix something that is fundamentally linked to the hardware

It does have a shallow dof up close,  but at least the bokeh is real.  Large sensor and large aperture are both good things.  You could always ficus stack in Lightroom.

I like traditional pocket knives and I love the close up I get my note 20 ultra

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