Entry lever interchangeable lens cameras

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Re: Entry lever interchangeable lens cameras

Aldone wrote:

Hi! A friend of mine as come up to me, asking for some advice about wanting to get an interchangeable lens camera.

Why specifically a Interchangeable-Lens-Camera (ILC), if he can get a fixed lens that is wider/longer/faster than typical kit lenses ???

Also with a "leaf" shutter that can allow SUN-light fill-flash up to 20'+, (compared to only 4-6' with FP shutters in all ILC's).

He wants something quite cheap, and is mostly looking at the used market.

The FZ-1000 is available for <500 new (used cheaper).

It has many-many options/features not even possible on dSLR's and easily best "value" on the market.

Being in Nikon land myself I suggested a d3x00

I never recommend D3xxx unless budget is "only" priority (and satisfied w/ only basic features).

series body, but I would like to be able to offer advice also on other brands, so he as more option on eBay. Could you share some suggestions? Any brand is welcome of course

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