Canon MG6650 - difficulty printing on cardstock/photo paper

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Re: Canon MG6650 - difficulty printing on cardstock/photo paper

I think most Canons have a very similar printer driver interface so yours is probably much the same as my TS9150 driver.

If so, go to the maintenance tab & then the nozzle check tab & follow the instructions.

If that shows any problems, go to the cleaning tab & try that. If still no joy try the deep clean tab &, if necessary & as a last resort, the print head alignment tab.

If none of this works then I would try it all again. If still no joy there may be another problem elsewhere which would be uneconomical to repair & you may need to consider a new printer.

I don't know anything about the ink you are using but, in the past I have used third party inks with no issues. I would be surprised if your troubles were caused by the ink.

I regularly use 300gsm to 315gsm photo papers with no issues other than it is vital that the paper is completely flat when fed into the printer otherwise I get overspray on the papers edges, ruining an outstanding piece of art (!) plus an expensive bit paper covered in expensive Canon ink!!

Good luck.

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