Entry lever interchangeable lens cameras

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Re: Entry lever interchangeable lens cameras

One of the things this site and similar ones have is "history."  There will be reviews and threads covering almost all of the various digital camera offerings going way, way, back.  So if you find a camera offered, Google (etc.) searching on that camera model especially with "review" could likely turn up reviews from when they were new.  Handy if looking to older models.  While not all cameras were reviewed everywhere, it's not unusual to get information on related cameras, like the comparable competitive offerings or what was improved (or not) from the preceding models.

Something else to glean from reviews, either of the "camera" or the lenses, is the quality of the lenses that might be included.  Some of the kit lenses were optically rather unimpressive, some quite favorably commented on, etc.

It might be faster to do a search versus asking on a forum camera A or B?

"Entry-level" is often a factor of the controls and features suite than the actual picture taking capability of the camera, many contemporary cameras sharing the same or very similar sensors.  The differences  might be the speed of the processor,memory, the quality of the focus system and the greater or fewer external controls - how much is controlled by external buttons and wheels versus menu selections.   Nikon, for example, the D3xxx versus the D5xxx and D7xxx lines.

Getting a feel for the subject matter interests can help.  Interests in landscapes, architecture, might allow for a "slower" camera, the subjects not over stressing a focus systems because they don't move around much.  If interested in nature, or sports, children, then a system with more focus points or higher frame rates might be a better choice.  Likewise how much they are willing to leave to the camera (although thinking of interchangeable lens suggests at least some interest in doing at least some of the thinking/controlling)

I'd avoid cameras using older "cards" like the Compact Flash (CF) or SmartMedia, they can be hard to find, rather slow, or expensive, or all three.  I think I'd stick to something greater than 16 Megapixel.

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