How do you do that Spotlight/Light Beam effect

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Re: How do you do that Spotlight/Light Beam effect

scastle wrote:

elliotn wrote:

Looking at the bottom right image, the shadow of the model's right hand is just below her hand, and the shadow of the model's chin is just below her chin. Both shadows suggest a light that is positioned just slightly above the camera position. Where is the disunity?

And then the shadows around her left hand appear to be formed by the light bouncing back off the illuminated background.

All of this seems consistent with the use of an optical spot.

I guess it could be a photoshop job... but it's quite complicated... why not just use a spot?

I think so too. It could even be a Spiffy Light Blaster with a circle cutout slide. But it's probably a hot light with an optical snoot attachment.

The OP has not come back with any comments from seeing the IG Stories BTS video. I wonder if it survives anywhere.

Hi I'm sorry for the delayed reply. I've just read all your comments and those are good insights, thank you! I assume the photographer used a continuous spotlight probably with a modifier (judging the BTS video) instead of a strobe.

For reference, you can check the story highlights of the user @jeee622 on IG.

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