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Aldone wrote:

Aldone wrote:

Hi! A friend of mine as come up to me, asking for some advice about wanting to get an interchangeable lens camera. He wants something quite cheap, and is mostly looking at the used market. Being in Nikon land myself I suggested a d3x00 series body, but I would like to be able to offer advice also on other brands, so he as more option on eBay. Could you share some suggestions? Any brand is welcome of course

To answer a few questions:

I did not share my friends budget as used prices vary greatly, and what I was looking for are more suggestions as to which models from each of the major brands are roughly equivalent to the Nikon d3x00 series, so as to have more options.

As it happens the D3xxx series is just about the basement level for interchangeable lens cameras, so the cheapest from any maker will be as good. DSLRs are still - at entry level - cheaper than mirrorless models. There are three makers left in that field: Nikon, Canon and Pentax.

DSLRs use optical viewfinders that use a mirror to reflect light away from the sensor into their viewfinder; the viewfinder can be either a fairly small, dim pentamirror system or a (slightly) bigger sand brighter pentaprism system. Canon sand Nikon use the pentamirror system in their cheapest models, with the pentaprisms only in the more expensive versions. Penta uses pentaprisms throughout.

It seems to me that as you know Nikon you can be most help to your friend if he goes the same way; but I think it would be much better to spend the money on an older, higher grade model in the D7xxx series (and to be clear, I'm saying this as a long time Pentax user).

I guess a good estimate however would be around 350€ tops.

He would be of course open to mirror less, so if anyone can suggest an inexpensive mirror less body (maybe Sony or Fuji?) I’d love to hear about them.
the main point of my asking is that I can only recommend Nikon cameras, since I have never tried anything else, but of course entry level cameras are basically the same across the board, so I would like to know which model names I should be looking at on Amazon and eBay, and if there are particular models which are best avoided (I have heard that older Sony bodies had issues for example, but I don’t know enough about it to know which models are badly affected and if it even is an actual problem).

See above. You won't find a poor camera from any maker but in the specific circumstance where you can coach your friend and loan lenses I think it would be a bad move to go away from Nikon.

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