Do you store your edited photos as RAW, JPG, (resolution, compression)?

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Re: Do you store your edited photos as RAW, JPG, (resolution, compression)?

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Yet another poll to which my response is "none of the above".

I keep all my raws (excluding those I delete in the field) as .CR2 and .DNG. (I have to convert to DNG as my Adobe software predates my camera.) Then those that I process I keep as 16-bit TIFFs. I never use JPEGs unless I'm preparing to upload to the web, which I do very rarely.

yeah i wanted to make a poll but then realized it's impossible to cover all the options.

I'm not so much interested in how the workflow works, but if people pile up RAW files without trying to save disk space.

Apparently many do keep everything, which would mean from a session with 100 (keeper) photos = 2,5GB of RAW files (in my 24MP case) many seem to store everything as raw image files. While i try to save diskspace by only keeping a few RAWs (few percent) and the rest as compressed/retouched JPG so maybe 0,5GB instead of 2,5GB.

I'm not sure if i'll ever regret this. Probably in a few cases i will.

But then it means i can live with a 1TB HDD where others need 5TB, which admittedly is not a huge deal with current prices of $20/TB. But with online cloud prices of anual $50/TB it's still a different story. Anyway i'm more concerned of handling 5TB of data, which is not fun.

Yes, but all those photos don't have to live in the same place.

If you use Lightroom (it's just the software I know and use) it would be perfectly viable to have, say, your most recent photos on internal disk (maybe an ssd), and the rest on an external drive. You could also use a single Catalogue. Lightroom is quite happy with photos in a Catalogue in multiple locations, and the Catalogue itself is not size sensitive.

Recent on internal and rest on external is what I do. One catalogue is best IMO. Multiple defeats the all the capabilities a catalogue has to offer. Even separating business and play I'd have one root source with two subfolders named for both categories. There is no known limit to its size. I know of one catalogue that contained data for 13 million files.

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A wonderful conclusion.

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