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Re: Filter Step Up Rings

pcrc11 wrote:

I am looking for a GOOD step up ring for 82mm filter on a 77mm Lens. I am using Polar Pro filters and already have a brass Luzid step up ring. This thing will instantly lock onto the filter as soon as it bottoms out and makes the slightest contact on the filter surface. Only way I can remove it is to keep it under a hot lamp until it expands just enough to release. I have looked at multiple step up rings on BH site and there is not a single one that does not have reviews claiming they stick as well,, including the very expensive ones. What are some suggestions as to what works or provides a suitable solution to solve this problem short of coating the surface with oil or grease as I am not really keen on doing it that close to my glass.

Sticky rings: I find the solution is as old as - wipe a finger down the side of the nose and then wipe that finger on the offending threads before assembly. They then come apart easily.

Always have a pair of rubber gloves, like washing up kitchen gloves, they can also help get more grip when rings stick. Plus gentle heat of course at times as you already know.

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