San Mateo Japanese Garden

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JeffSlade wrote:

mfinley wrote:

JeffSlade wrote:

Since you have been posting a lot and asking about improving. I suggest you start exploring cropping. I've noticed a trend in your images that they all seem to be posted in full sensor format.

You should see an easy leap in improvement just by starting to think differently and composing for the subject and not the viewfinder.

Thanks Mike for that feedback!

What I'm finding through posting some of my landscapes and self reflection is I really don't like shooting landscapes at the end of the day.

When I shoot portraits, especially where I control the light, very little effort is required after it comes out of my camera. And through the process of capturing the portrait I connected with another person on a common goal, that being their image as taken by me in collaboration with them.

I already experience the beauty of the outdoors, particularly wild and scenic rivers, which recharges my spirit and soul.

What I see through my eyes with my wife by my side standing in rivers, in waders, with fly rods in our hands gets imprinted in my mind without a need to crop, or twiddle with the exposure, or hues, or saturation, or luminesce. It's raw unadulterated beauty.

I think I will leave it at that and stop any further effort in the area of landscape photography.

Thank you every one who replied to this thread and also the one at the link below. You gave me what I needed. Much appreciated!

I think you should find what brings you joy. The idea of shooting 'better' landscapes doesn't sound like what you want to do in the end. But you may find more joy in capturing the moments of you and your family while being in those landscapes without worrying about trying to create a generic landscape image that others would find pleasing. Peace is really about learning that joy is in pleasing yourself and those you cherish rather than a bunch of strangers.

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