Something that Nikon needs to do...

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Something that Nikon needs to do...

Let’s get this out of the way: I will say I’m a Nikon fan-boi. Especially the Z’s now. But, I’ve been saying for a while that Nikon needs more dedicated video options. And now Thom echos my sentiments:

TL;DR.... Nikon is a is at risk for being a one trick pony regarding stills focused. It didn’t do Pentax any good. It didn’t do Olympus any good.

Canon, Sony, Panasonic all have their high end video rigs. But they also have more specific video cameras in a mirrorless stills-camera form factor. Even if you used Blackmagic 6K pocket cam or Red Komodo; they use Canon EF and Canon RF mounts respectively. So if you don’t like Canon video options as a Canon user, you have other options without having to buy a second set of off brand lenses.

I would love to see a “Nikon C70” or “Nikon 6K pocket cam”. Since buying into the Z system, I’ve seen my video work increase more than I thought I would. And it would be nice to have the ‘option’ to shoot 10bit internal etc. Record more than 29 minutes without the need fir an external device. Better internal preamps among a few examples.

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