Minolta SR 20mm vs AF 20mm w LA EA4

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Re: Minolta SR 20mm vs AF 20mm w LA EA4

You'd think someone would've compared them directly by now, but I haven't found any links to provide on that front. Maybe it'll be up to you to show the rest of us how they do?

The optical diagrams side by side certainly look very similar, but there are of course differences to point out (some have already been mentioned).

The AF 20/2.8 could be revised to lessen vignetting, but it may also be revised for how it focuses - it only moves the rear half of the optics to focus, so as far as the camera and lens system combined is concerned, it's focused internally. The The MD Rokkor 20/2.8 also employs floating elements, but the front half of the lens rotates (will only be an issue with polarizers) which implies that it moves at a different rate than the rear portion of the optics.

I think Photoshop has a profile for the Minolta/Sony AF if you'd like to correct distortion - is one readily available for the Rokkor?

With both designs being very wide lenses having floating elements, getting the register distance right will be more important than it is for unit-focusing lenses.

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