Gray market Sigma - 3rd party seller "6ave" on Amazon?

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Your responsibility...

wigoe1984 wrote:

Is it Amazon's policy to explicitly state whether a lens is gray market? If so, should I be able to return it to the seller without a restocking fee?

I recently purchased a new new Sigma 135mm 1.8 (click on link for listing) from a 3rd party Amazon seller "6ave" for $1,147.85. The item is fulfilled by Amazon. It is currently in transit.

The price was a little lower than others. After some research I learned that Sigma does not honor warranty repairs for non-dealership lens sales. 6ave is not listed as an authorized Sigma dealer.

The listing does not specifically say whether it is an international/domestic lens. The seller's listing has a link to Sigma's policy for warranty in the warranty section. Does the seller have to disclose this information? I also feel that this information was implied by linking Sigma's warranty information. But, I may be naïve.

This my fault for not being more careful!

This is why I always advocate caution when buying from Marketplace Sellers on Amazon; it's no better than buying on ebay.  No, it's not Amazon's responsibility to state that something is grey market, or if a seller is an authorized dealer for the products they are selling.  The Marketplace is the digital equivalent of renting a table at the local Farmer's Market.


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