Why is the MFT forum such a magnet for full-frame aficionados? Locked

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Bobby V
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Why is the MFT forum such a magnet for full-frame aficionados?

If at all possible, I would like to have a constructive discussion about this.

It seems like almost every other thread on MFT forums lately devolves into a debate between full-frame and MFT with regard to:

- Equivalence

- Value proposition

- Reach

- Size

- Sensor generation

- ISO noise


I would genuinely like to know what people think it would take to reduce the quantity of boiler plate "full frame is better because x" comments about any of the above topics.

Would it be...

- A new MFT sensor?

- A different set of lenses?

- Smaller lens or body designs?

- Or...are we past the point of no return and some people just want the system to sail into the sunset and claim total domination by FF?

For me...I'd like to see the format survive, and while I don't see a magic bullet given the current state of affairs, I do think a new sensor generation would be helpful...a 32MP sensor MFT body that still maintains excellent noise performance would further solidify the value, especially in the reach department for telephoto applications.

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