Effect of speck in lens?

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Re: Effect of speck in lens?

Phil A Martin wrote:

mdmarqphoto wrote:

Phil A Martin wrote:

mdmarqphoto wrote:

Phil A Martin wrote:

grandeson10 wrote:

Thank you so much for your quick and fair responses. It was an amazon warehouse deal marked "like new" with only mention of the box having been damaged, (which it was fine). And again , it only had 43 on the shutter count.

43 on the shutter would probably have occurred during testing at the factory but as it was sold as new, I would ask for a replacement, as you don't know the source of the

It wasn't sold "as new" - it was sold by Amazon Warehouse, which are usually returned items that have been checked out. As the OP mentioned, it was described as "like new".

Am I missing something here? I thought if something was "like" something else, it meant they were the same? So that a camera that was described as "like" a new camera, would appear the same as a new camera.

No, it usually means "close" to the same. I buy used books on Amazon that are described as in "like new" condition, but they are indeed used.

In the OPs case, it was likely a return/open box that may or may not have been actually used and would appear and function as "new" to most people, but it is NOT being sold as a "new" and unused item. That piece of dust could have been in the lens originally and the reason for the return, which is why it could be described as "like new".

Either way whatever, he still has a case for returning it.

Indeed he does.

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