What is the point of “Bright Rag?”

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Re: What is the point of “Bright Rag?”

Alexey wrote:

I always thought that the main point of choosing “Rag” papers over regular matte inkjet papers is longevity, lack of OBAs and to a lesser extent, textures.

No, longevity is 'a' reason for some people

Now I am choosing between two Moab papers — Entrada Bright Rag (contains obas and has very little texture, cotton rag, 190 gsm) vs Lasal matte (alpha cellulose, 235 gsm). From a practical perspective, why would I want to pay 3x for the rag? Are there any advantages in how it will print, look, handle or last vs Lasal Matte? Thanks!

Never seen those papers here, but I have used a lot of very similar innova papers (their stuff gets re-branded a lot)

For myself I prefer smooth papers for most images and the choice of warm or bright comes down to how I want the image to look.

I've relatively few images where I like significant textures (see this example for one https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/64586937 )

Longevity concerns are rather over-rated IMHO  Of course that doesn't mean I won't use them for marketing purposes if they work - much like the paper suppliers do...

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