Which small all-weather holster case for the R5+RF 24-70?

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Re: Which small all-weather holster case for the R5+RF 24-70?

Swerky wrote:

xtam667 wrote:

There are several large enough options but I want the smallest possible that still works, which is difficult to figure out without actually trying a few. I do not plan to carry anything else in it. Thanks!


I own this one. It is perfect. Very comfortable to carry over the shoulder for hours. Includes a waist belt for better stability. Although even without it the bag is designed in a way that it remains close to the body. Doesn't wobble. But it does hold up to a dslr with grip as body goes.


Then there is this new one in the lowepro collection. Smaller and lighter. Although I don't know how it looks like from the inside. Photos don't show how the camera hangs. May not have as good weight distribution as the first holster as the R5 and 24-70 aren't exactly light. I would go for the first one if you carry your bag and camera for extended periods even if you have extra space in camera length for a battery grip.

People would think buying a bag isn't an issue. But there are details to look for such as wether the camera and lens slide comfortably in the bag if you have the lens hood on, etc.

Just so you know since I've recently dealt with this, the newer Active version won't accommodate a PRO or Gripped body well. It's fine if you're using just the R5 or R6 body alone. Also I didn't care for the extension idea also used but another company since it compromises the protection at the end of the lens as there is no padding at that point. Stick with the Toploader Pro 70 or 75 if you're going to use a 100-500.

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