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Re: Exploring wide end options

In my opinion about 20mm is all you really need to shoot landscapes. Wider than that isn't really of much use to get "more" into the frame.

About 6 years ago I purchased a 8-16mm (12 - 24 equivilant) for my APS A77 not really knowing what to expect but to enhance my landscape shooting mostly. After a lot of experimenting and shooting many really wide landscape shots I discovered that the power of ultrawide lenses is there exagerated perspective. The juxtaposition of objects in the foreground appearing REALLY big against the background feeling really tiny. This play on perspective brings a whole new dimension to my photograpy. One that I had not expected and did not intuitively understand at first but one that I really enjoy!

I would encourage you, when considering a wide angle lens, to just go for it, go really wide and see where it takes you.

My A77 (and my favorite lens, the 8-16) was recently stolen and I will be replacing it with an A7Riv with a 24-105 and 12-24 F4 (insurance settlement). If I can swing it I will be getting the Venus Laowa 9mm. My 8-16mm was F4.5 - 5.6, I never found myself to be wanting for a wider aperature, quite the opposite. With wide angle lenses they have a natural very deep DOF and "I" never came across a situation where I wanted to isolate a subject against a blurred background when shooting wide angle or very wide angle. Instead the subject is highlighted by its size against a sharp but tiny background.

P.S. For the telephoto end (which I find I rarely shoot) my plan is to zoom out to 105 and crop... we will see how that plan works. lol

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