Minolta SR 20mm vs AF 20mm w LA EA4

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AF lens ergonomics

E Dinkla wrote:

Well, there was never before a combined range/viewfinder that was as good as the EVF is for manual focus lenses, including features like magnification and peaking.

Absolutely right. In fact, much as it's sometimes a nice option to have, I really hate how autofocus usually seems to be fighting against my photographic wishes. Manual focus with peaking and magnified view just help me do what I want.

That said, I personally dislike the aesthetics of early AF lens exteriors most of all. Luigi Colani who designed the Canon T90, the last of the non AF Canon SLRs, probably set that 80's trend.

Agreed. To sum it up, I think lenses suddenly became housings for electronics and drive systems, and they look like cylindrical cases wrapped around the lens... which is what they are. Although I like having a focus/DoF scale, I also dislike having it placed behind a little plastic window; those windows always seem to be the first thing to show damage.

I have some AF primes when the MF versions of that focal length already had a secondhand price/performance ratio that overcame my objections written above. I focus them manually.

For ultrawides, newer is almost always optically better. Same for large ratio zooms.

The line I try not to cross is to focus-by-wire lenses. I have just a few, and I deeply hate them for manual focus. I particularly hate focus-by-wire for which rotational positions don't have fixed distance correspondences, but are different every time the camera boots and/or have the same angular movement change focus distance more if done faster (acceleration-based scaling of motion). In fact, this is one of the reasons I've generally preferred 3rd-party AF lenses in Minolta AF over Canon EF... although cost has usually been a stronger reason.

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