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mfinley wrote:

AZheaven wrote:

I drove into Utah and to Mexican Hat. Yes, it's pretty cool, as is the un-named apparently, mountain formations behind it. But I wouldn't say it beat out Monument Valley by a long shot.

I would agree. Comparing the thousands of square miles north of Monument Valley filled with incredible rock formations, slot canyons, mesa tops, literally, 100,000s Indian petroglyphs and pictographs, accessible ruins that are over 2000 years old all that you can access without fees and unimpeded by anyone, to driving your car around Mexican hat would be a disappointment.

That is like saying you didn't really find the Grand Canyon that great because you drove through the gate and took a picture in front of the Grand Canyon sign and then left.

Here is my advice - instead of trying to defend Monument Valley, how about finding out what this guy Mike is talking about being so great north of Monument Valley? You might learn something, expand your opportunities, find a new place to explore with freedom without crowds or a controlled Disney experience and create some fantastic experiences and memories in the process, and return here one day and say you know what, I had no idea what he was talking about, but I'm so glad I looked into it.

This whole are of north and north east AZ is just full of adventure. More than one can do in a life time. Especially the Lake Powell area with it's numerous side canyons, etc. And then there is Utah!!!

We took a family member to the Grand Canyon about 10 years ago for his first trip to AZ. We were taking pictures of him at the entrance sign before the entrance gate. Someone pulled up and asked us if we wanted to buy their pass they just paid $20 for. $10...sure! We didn't have a yearly park pass, shame on me...They said they were driving back to NJ and wanted to see the Grand Canyon. They spent 20 mins. there. I've heard some say "yeah, big deal, it's just a big hole in the ground!"

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