Entry lever interchangeable lens cameras

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Re: Entry lever interchangeable lens cameras

Aldone wrote:

Hi! A friend of mine as come up to me, asking for some advice about wanting to get an interchangeable lens camera. He wants something quite cheap, and is mostly looking at the used market. Being in Nikon land myself I suggested a d3x00 series body, but I would like to be able to offer advice also on other brands, so he as more option on eBay. Could you share some suggestions? Any brand is welcome of course

To even begin to answer with any sanity:

  • What does your friend want to take pictures of. 
  • How large does your friend want to view these photos or print. 
  • Where and on what will they be viewed or displayed. 
  • What is cheap. A number?
  • Does your friend want to post process photos or use them straight from the camera. 
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