Olympus OM Zuiko 300mm f4.5 at 2 miles (3.2 Km)

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Re: Olympus OM Zuiko 300mm f4.5 at 2 miles (3.2 Km)

Bassam Guy wrote:

Albert Valentino wrote:

Bassam Guy wrote:

drj3 wrote:

Put it in LR, use Dehaze and raise the exposure (it will be somewhat noisy because of the underexposure). It appears even in the underexposed image to be much better than I would expect at that distance.

Thanks. I know I could PP this and get something better but this is a lens test, or a test of my expectations. The picture itself is mundane, as I live near DC.

These results mean nothin. First, the underexposure means more noise which means less sharpness. But, more importantly, testing lens sharpness on a subject 2 miles away is almost pointless except on the clearest of days. Atmospheric haze, with all the suspended dust and dirt over that distance is akin to looking through a dusty window. Test with something close like vehicle license plates, or trees on a windless day. One count the sharpest results. The lesser ones from a set reflect technique and conditions, the sharpest ones reflect the lens itself

I don't mean to be contrary but to me these results mean something.

they mean something. But the conditions do not test the lens potential. I have owned several long lenses, up to 500mm on an APS body. There are many variables to getting s sharp result on a long lens, including spending a lot of time mastering technique, including breathing when you roll your finger over the shutter (even a hard press on the shutter can soften the result).

when I moved to m43 I picked up the 75-300 lens and got good results with good technique. However, many times when I was at a beach shooting birds I would turn my lens  out to the big cargo ships coming into NY which were often a good mile or two away. Even in very good light, the subject looked like a compressed jpg due to all the atmospheric distortion. Any lens would smudge the details as this type shot is akin to shooting through dirty glass.

Like I said, I have no experience with lenses above 150mm.

that’s okay. We all start somewhere and learn. Sometimes the learning process is the most fun Just practice, and read to learn how the little things can enhance results, like using O second anti-shock, or electronic shutter.

My question was: "I have no experience with any lens longer than 150mm (300 FF equivalent), and now I have doubled that. Granted, this is underexposed but should I expect better?"

And, I infer from your reply, your answer is "no, you shouldn't expect better".

Thank you.

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